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提及明代成化瓷器,必然想到那鸡缸杯。此杯不仅历史上有文人墨客书中提及,更有当代2.4亿元人民币拍下之举。如此这般,其名其声实在太大,神话由来已久,以至于芸芸众生几乎无人敢相信,除这只斗彩鸡缸杯外,世间还有其它真品、还有比之更为罕见等级更高的鸡缸杯以及其它品纹之型。Mention Ming Dynasty Chenghua porcelain, you must think of the chicken mug. This cup has not only been mentioned by scholars in history, but also has been photographed by 240 million RMB in the contemporary era. In this way, its name is too loud and its myth has a long history, so that almost no one in the whole world dare to believe that besides this colorful chicken mug, there are other genuine products in the world, as well as more rare chicken mug with higher grade and other patterns.

之前,曾展赏过成化鸡缸杯,也还展赏过不同器形的鸡岗纹杯,大量事实证明,成化斗彩上的“鸡岗纹”,不过是成化斗彩瓷器采用最多的一种典型纹饰而已,而那只拍成2.4亿元的鸡缸杯,也不过是最基本的一种。事实上,除了已经展赏过的以外,还有比那只基本纹型更有到代特征以及更为罕见珍贵的、技法更高一筹的鸡缸杯存世。故而,时至今日,愚特别将此杯帐中点出,拍照亮相,公展于众人之上,以事实说明,成化瓷器之琳琅,彩种纹饰之多,并非仅鸡缸杯一种,更非神话,其价值虽然不低,然亦非数亿天价之值。Before, I have exhibited Chenghua chicken mug and also exhibited chicken mug with different shapes. A large number of facts have proved that the "chicken crest" on Chenghua bucket color is only one of the most typical decorations used on Chenghua bucket color porcelain, while the chicken mug with a price of 240 million yuan is only the most basic one. In fact, besides what has already been exhibited, there are still more contemporary features and rare and precious chicken mug with better techniques than the basic pattern. Therefore, to this day, Yu specially pointed out this cup account, took photos and showed them to the public. The facts show that the full range of wares and colorful decorations in Chenghua porcelain is not just a chicken mug, nor is it a myth. Although its value is not low, it is also not worth hundreds of millions of sky-high.

展目此杯。首先入目的是,其器形非常鲜明,乃“缸”形杯(平底无圈足),口径约8.47厘米,底径4.2厘米,换言之,其器形与那鸡缸杯乃完全一样。然而,其纹饰位置和外壁则与我们已知的鸡缸杯有所不同或大不同。Show me this cup. First of all, its shape is very clear. It is a "cylinder" shaped cup (flat bottom without ring feet), with a diameter of about 8.47cm and a bottom diameter of 4.2cm. In other words, its shape is exactly the same as that of the chicken cylinder cup. However, its decorative pattern position and outer wall are different or greatly different from the known chicken mug.


First, the bottom is painted with chicken stripes and plant leaf stripes. Among them, the cock, hen, chicken, centipede, stone hillock, orchid, flower twining pattern and other composition elements in the chicken hillock pattern are intact, and the side walls are: Queen Mother Yuci Zhou is dedicated, with typical painting style, smooth lines, simple and unsophisticated form, and sincere stippling. Needless to say, those who have a little knowledge of the decorative techniques of Chenghua Doucai can't deny the Chenghua as long as they have no thoughts and feelings.


Second, the outer wall is surrounded by flowers, roosters, hens and chickens carved with light convex carving techniques on the fetus, with yellow glaze as the bottom. This technique is very rare up to now, and the difficulty coefficient is relatively high. The reason is that this cup is a thin tyre, where the outer wall of the thin tyre is embossed with decorative patterns, and the inner wall is still smooth and uneven, which shows that it is indeed a superior work. On closer inspection, the outer wall and the bottom are all painted with Phnom Penh. The composition is harmonious. The lines are not only clear but also powerful and smooth. It can be seen that the work is not ordinary.


Third, the color of its outer wall is a vivid multicolored technique. In addition to using red, yellow, green and blue-and-white colors, there is also a clear "purplish" (poor purple) stippling. This "purplish" color has no light interference and has a feeling of scraping hands. It is unique to Chenghua. It is not difficult to imitate later. It is a famous standard (certainly not the only one) for Chenghua porcelain to glance at Jian Zhen and has to be recognized.


Fourth, looking at this cup, the coating is thick, the color temperature of glaze is moderate, and local dirt marks are hard to remove. Under specific light, colorful treasure light blooms, green glaze is sliced, scar aging is vivid, and it can be said that they are very old. Judging from the fetal quality, the white fetus is pure, dense and delicate. In particular, its carcass is thin and exquisitely carved under light, which can be described as very fine and delicate.


Fifthly, the bottom of the body shows the typical style of Chenghua. The regular script of the book "Ming Chenghua Year System" in the double-line box is simple and straightforward, with smooth strokes and without losing the sense of force. Chenghua understands the real book, which is no different from innocence. What is even more unique and unusual is that the blue-and-white writing, which is very common in yellow color, is used for its identification. In view of this situation, some people may be suspicious and think that Chenghua does not have any yellow-colored equipment. In fact, it is not enough, but it is only rarely used. We can think of it this way: there is blue and white material on its decorative pattern, and yellow color is used for the purpose at that time. For example, it is better to use blue-and-white paint to describe the real thing than to copy it later. If you use this yellow color, you will not have 300 taels of silver here. Therefore, I have no doubt about Huang Cai's knowledge, which also lets us appreciate once again the colorful and unconventional features of Chenghua Doucai porcelain.


Therefore, it can be described as rare, which can open people's eyes and further appreciate the charm of Chenghua porcelain. Of course, it is not false and does not need to be emphasized if its skill is superior and it is worth winning. The whole chicken mug is exquisite and elegant. It slowly retracts from top to bottom with a certain radian. It is not exaggerated but restrained. Its line style is tactfully smooth. The craftsman's ingenuity makes it more practical. The design of the mouth rim is a tiny mouth. It is very convenient to drink, with a shallow abdomen and lying feet. The body of the cup is painted with colorful lines. Chickens peck and feed their young early. The posture is lifelike, supplemented by peony, orchid and pillar patterns.


The collection comes from Mr Tang's old collection. Welcome all of you to our company for appreciation. Collectors can learn more through our official website and WeChat public platform. If they want to purchase, they should contact the business director in time and go through the relevant formalities in advance.

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